Automotive Management Institute

The Automotive Management Institute plays an important and growing role in the industry and can provide tremendous value to those that take advantage of its programs.

The value of professional credentials – In this day and age of easy access informational videos, it will be easy to create a generation of “youtubers” who have no verifiable professional credentials.   As an employer in our industry, having employee applicants who have professional credentials can help you determine, at a minimum, what they have been exposed.  As great as informational videos are, they do not track retention of the material covered, challenge the individual, track progress or organize into relevant learning tracks.  A video may be great to learn to light my water heater, but should not be the sole source of becoming a plumber.

Credentials also represent organized learning, which has been proven to improve individual and business performance and profitability.

Organized educational tracks for specific roles – The challenges repair businesses face no longer allow time to “figure things out.”  That goes for technicians and administrative staff.  Knowing what to do and having a level of confidence to do it correctly and accurately sets staff and businesses apart.  The Return on Investment of learning is far reaching and positively impactful.  AMi has collaborated with industry training providers to organize meaningful role-specific educational tracks that result in professional industry-recognized  credentials. From customer service staff to management, AMi’s industry-vetted educational track process produces a well-rounded professional possessing the necessary knowledge and skills to take careers and businesses to the next level.

Take advantage of what AMi has to offer.  Do not overlook the educational needs of your administrative and customer-facing staff.  They represent an often overlooked segment of your repair business that can make a tremendous impact on your business success.  Share the AMi Core Belief, “Knowledge equals competitiveness; and learning is the only source of a sustainable competitive advantage.”



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